Turkey to extend Syria operation

Turkey has pledged to continue its offensive in Syria against the Kurdish forces moving east where US forces are positioned. This can have dangerous propositions for the region as possibilities of a direct confrontation with US forces cannot be ruled out. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared his plans to further the operation in other areas after Turkish forces along with the Free Syrian Army rebels took over the city of Afrin largely without any sound opposition. Turkey has claimed that it has successfully pushed back the YPG fighters from the region.

Erdogan announced that Turkey will not end the operation unless it has freed the entire corridor from Kurdish control which includes Manbij, Qamishli, Ras al-Ayn, Tal Abyad and Ayn al-Arab. Turkey has described the entire stretch along the northern Syria border as a terror corridor which has been largely dominated by the Kurdish fighters. YPG is backed by the US in its fight against ISIL but has been considered as an offshoot of the banned outfit PKK Kurdistan Workers’ Party. PKK has been in conflict with Turkey since last 30 years and has killed thousands along the Turkish border.

Erdogan has also said that Turkey will also launch an offensive in northern regions of Iraq against the Kurdish PKK fighters.

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