Trump congratulates Putin on resounding victory

President Trump congratulated Putin on his re-election victory over a phone call as Trump informed the media that both US and Russia will get along well in the near future. Kremlin confirmed the call from President Trump. World leaders across the horizon have shied away from congratulating Putin as the victory when Russia had been accused by Britain in a terrible spy-poisoning case in which military grade Novichok nerve agent was used which was originally developed in Russia in 1970s.

In addition, there is a general notion,  that the elections under strict state control and the leading opponent of Putin were banned from standing in the elections.

Both Trump and Putin also discussed issues like Syria, Ukraine, North Korea etc. and also a meeting in future at the highest level. The conversation was positive and aimed at easing tensions which have mounted between the two world powers lately. The arms race, the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and mutual security priorities along with shared efforts on strategic stability were discussed.




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