Indian government confirms killing of 39 Indian hostages held by ISIL in Mosul

Indian Foreign Minister has confirmed the killing of 39 Indian hostages which had been held by ISIL in Mosul since 2014. Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj announced the same with a heavy heart in the upper House of Parliament after the Indian government got the confirmation of the same after DNA matching of 38 bodies found buried in a mass grave. The DNA match of the 39th body has not been confirmed as only a 70 percent match was recorded.

The mass grave has been discovered after the re-capture of Mosul from ISIL forces. The Minister added that the mortal remains of all 39 Indians will be brought back to the country in a special plane and will be handed over to the families.

It was in June 2014 that Ministry of External Affairs had confirmed that all 40 Indian workers who worked for Tariq Nur Al Huda had been kidnapped by ISIL fighters when they had attacked Mosul.

The announcement has sent shock waves across the nation awaiting the return of their brothers.



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