Trump slams Robert Mueller’s probe

President Trump has never failed to surprise the world with his tweets. In the latest tweet, Trump has slammed Robert Mueller’s inquiry about the Russian meddling in US Presidential election in 2016 which had brought Trump to power. President stated that the inquiry was highly biased and unfair as it is dominated by hard-core Democrats who were primary supporters of Hillary Clinton.

Robert Mueller is a former FBI Head and is a Republican. A presidential tweet has followed a day after his lawyer John Dowd had stated that the Mueller investigation should now be closed. The latest Presidential tweet has however drawn criticism and warnings from other Republicans that there should be no interference in Mueller investigation.

Trump had also lambasted Andrew McCabe the former FBI deputy director who was later dismissed from his job just hours before his retirement and James Comey who was the former FBI director and was later fired by Trump. Trump has blamed Comey of lying and also described the memos which were taken by both Comey and McCabe as fake. It is reported that McCabe had handed over the memos under question to Mueller for his investigation. It is said that the memos can in fact back the claims of McCabe that Trump impedes justice.

Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican has said that there should be no meddling with Mueller investigation and any attempt to sack Mueller could put spell the end of Trump’s Presidency.



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