Ethiopia: Eritrea trying to destabilise security

Ethiopia has blamed Eritrea for trying to shake the security of the country by backing destructive groups as the country is going through the State of Emergency. The State Television of Ethiopia reported that the emergency council of the country captured arms from dangerous outfits who were trying to get weapons in the country illegally.

Both the nations have already fought two wars over conflicts on the border. The resignation of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn had resulted in the State of Emergency in Ethiopia. Desalegn had resigned both as the Prime Minister and the Head of the Ruling coalition Ethiopian  People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front due to increased unrest and deepening political crisis.

The Emergency will last until August 2018. This is the second State of Emergency being imposed in the last couple of years. The previous one was imposed due to widespread protests against the ruling government in demand for political reforms. It was lifted in August 2017 after 10 months. The Oromo and Amhara people who comprise more than 61 percent of the population have been protesting against the ruling parties for greater political inclusion and representation.

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