Eastern Ghouta: Rebels discussing ceasefire with UN

The central rebel group operating in the southern part of Eastern Ghouta has stated that they were in negotiations with UN delegation over a possible ceasefire, more aid and also passage for critically wounded or sick from the besieged area to safer zones. The rebel group stated that the discussions are underway for ensuring safety and further protection to the civilians. It was clarified that exit and evacuation are not even being discussed.

Syrian regime forces have split the enclave into three separate areas and cut off fundamental supplies to all three. This is seen as the most brutal and deadly offensive in last 8 years of Syrian civil war. The OCHA or the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has stated that at least 20,000 people have fled from Eastern Ghouta over the past 7 days.

Majority of displacements have occurred from the southern area of Hammouriyeh. The ones who have chosen to stay have to deal with utter shortages of food, medicines and other supplies. There is lack of sanitation and thereby a heightened risk of spread of epidemics.

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