Western Powers for more sanctions on Iran

Germany, Britain and France have proposed a new set of sanctions on Iran to urge the US to not to give up the 2015 Nuclear Deal with Iran. The sanctions are over the ballistic missile program and its alleged role in Syrian civil war. The new plan is part of a larger EU strategy, basically to save the deal and show the US that there are other ways to tackle Iran. The three nations will have to seek approval from all the 28 EU member nations. President Trump had firmly asked the European nations to plug all the lacunae in the Iran Nuclear Deal which was signed under the leadership of President Obama. Trump gave a strong message to all the European signatories to the deal that unless the needful is done the United States will not extend the relief on sanctions on Iran. Unless Trump administration fresh waiver on the sanctions, they will resume.

The EU document stated that the list of people or entities which are covered under the new sanctions will be released soon. International experts claim that the deal can fall apart if the US will pull out a proposition which can have wider repercussions for Middle-East peace. Iran has taken a tough stance on the whole sequence of events. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif made a strong statement that if the US pulls out of the deal it will be a painful mistake for the Americans. The Commission which is looking after the deal has stated that Iran has honoured all the obligations.

European nations have been engaged in exhaustive discussions with Washington. EU document will target various militias and commanders. It will include travel bans, asset freezes, bans on doing business with some public or private companies.

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