Trump-Kelly peace: Kelly is safe!

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has finally made peace with President Trump. The news of truce held great positive effect on the West Wing which was gripped with fear in the latest series of top political turnovers.

Trump had tweeted a dismissal of former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson earlier this week. This was followed by the news of the potential but assured ouster of National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster for whom various people are being considered for replacement. Mr John Kelly had sent subtle signals to his staff that he may be the next in line. This had triggered the panic button in the White House staff and the general public.

It was a brief yet strategic meeting between President Trump and the Chief of Staff Kelly which proved fruitful for both sides and President Trump told his advisors that Kelly was 100 percent safe. Mr Kelly also told his staff that there will be no immediate personnel changes and no reasons to worry. The truce may not last long as the two have had a crunchy relationship and have been seen getting in tense arguments. Trump has also made public statements which underline his growing dissatisfaction with Kelly.

The President has earlier hinted on replacement of his National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster but latter has stated that he is presently safe and has been asked to stay in role till the mid-term elections due in November.

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