China angered as Trump ratifies US-Taiwan Bill

United States of America has finally ratified the US-Taiwan Bill which will permit and persuade senior officials from the US to go to Taiwan and meet their counterparts. The development has embittered China which considers it a rebel province and believes that it should be unified with the mainland by truce or force if needed. The Taiwanese population are against the unification. Taiwan has described its relations with China as complex and severe.

The President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen has stated that she is responsible for the protection of the sovereignty of the nation along with keeping regional stability and peace.

The recently passed bill is non-binding in nature and would have come into effect even if Trump had not signed it but the recent developments have added to friction between the two nations. Earlier in the week Trump had targeted tariffs against China aimed at reducing the widening trade imbalance.

China has been opposing the legislation and has appealed to the US to respect “one-China” policy which specifies that Taiwan is a part of China. Many clauses of the legislation have come to infringe one-China principle which is the fundamental of US-China ties. The Chinese embassy has expressed strong condemnation of the move and added that the US should not pursue any diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Foreign Ministry of Taiwan has appreciated the move and has expressed that it will continue to foster its cooperation with the US. Although the US does not have any formal relations with Taiwan but is under a legal obligation to back its self-defence as it is the primary source of weapons to the island nation.

US Representative to Taiwan from 2002-2006 has stated that the legislation does not change any situation on the ground as it was non-binding.


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