US Envoy to North Korea: Release American prisoners before summit

The recently retired envoy of the US State Department to North Korea, Joseph Yun stated that he had asked North Korean regime to release three American prisoners before the Summit to build positive air. He also urged the government of North Korea to respond to President Trump’s announcement of the upcoming Presidential Summit in May.

Yun stated that he had sent one message to the North Korea that they have an excellent opportunity and both sides need to respond equally. Yun who is of South Korean origin has been a strong proponent of engagement with North and has been pursuing diplomacy quietly since he took office in 2016 under former President Barack Obama. There are rising speculations about the release of three American prisoners by North Korea- the gesture which could ease US concerns over the intentions of North. The three prisoners are Kim Dong Chul, Kim Sang-Duk and Kim Hak Song. Latter two were teachers at PUST while Chul was a Korean-American missionary.

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