Trump ouster series: McMaster next?

President Trump continuing his series of ousters of top jobs in his administration has signalled the next man to lose his position could be the national security advisor H.R. McMaster and is rapidly under discussions about the potential replacement. Although Trump has warmed up to the idea of replacement but is taking time for executing the orders to avoid humiliation to the three-star army general and is waiting for a stronger successor. This is seen as a part of the wider shake-up of senior officials at White House which has left the members of his administration in anxiety.

President is currently upbeat about the bold and unconventional decisions about the tariffs on steel and aluminium imports which has lent him a better-negotiating edge and about accepting to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Trump is thus fostering his inner circle of advisors and trying to retain those who fall in line with his unusual style governance style.

The White House is seemed to be gripped with a strange mania as most of the Presidential aides and counsels are left swinging between rumour and truth waiting for headlines or Twitter to spell their political future.

President Trumps is considering names like John Bolton the former US ambassador to UN, Keith Kellogg the Chief of Staff of National Security Council as potential candidates for replacing the top security position on land. Despite the active search, many senior officials of the White House are not in favour of McMaster ouster unless he is offered a Four-Star rank or an equal post to save any damage to his reputation.

This is the third major shake-up coming after the ouster of Rex Tillerson and Gary Cohn. President has stated that there will always be the change for he likes new ideas. Other officials who presently share the thin ice with McMaster are David Shulkin the Veterans Affairs Secretary, Ben Carson the Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Scott Pruitt the Administrator of Environmental Protection Agency, Ryan Zinke the Interior Secretary, Betsy DeVos the Education Secretary to name a few. The rumours have created power vacuums at the White House. The rumours are the product of Trump’s complaints to his staff, aides and friends as he states that he likes the difference of opinion and enjoys his staff compete for his approval. Many staffers have not been axed primarily because of an absence of suitable replacements and the fear of picking any allied senators or members of House.

In a recent study, it has been reported that the turnover of Trump administration is higher than last 5 Presidencies and it has been record-setting. It is found three times higher than Obama and almost double that of Ronald Reagan. This was attributed to the fact the President gives more weightage to loyalty than any other qualification. Some amount of turnover is good and expected but after exceeding a normal routine it can spell problems and can act as a roadblock for achieving various policy goals.

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