Spy-Poisoning: Russia-UK on brink of New Cold War?

Russia has finally confirmed that it will expel UK diplomats over the deepening row between two nations over a military-grade nerve agent attack on the former Russian spy. The incident has severely affected the ties as they touch a new low post-Cold War. The attack on Sergei Skripal by a Novichok nerve agent which was only produced by the Soviet Union in the 1970s sought strong condemnation from all the Western powers who have come to stand-by Britain.

Prime Minister Theresa May has expelled 23 Russian diplomats labelling them as Russian spies who were operative under diplomatic cover. They are given a week to leave Britain. Russia has denied all charges as baseless and insane. They have instead stated that Britain has designed the attack to step up anti-Russia sentiment in Europe and West. Russia has not offered any explanation about the use of Novichok agent which was developed by Russian military against its former spy Sergei Skripal who had deceived many Russian spies to British intelligence. Western powers like France, Germany, Britain and US have all together asked for an explanation from Russia.

President Putin who is all put to win a fourth term in office has only said that Britain should dig deep into the problem. The new low in relations has now become public as the ministers from both the sides are openly using derogatory words to demean the other. Gavin Williamson triggered a grave public outcry in Moscow on his offensive remark that “Russia should go away, it should shut up”. Sergei Lavrov in a counterattack stated that Williamson is “intellectual impotent” and although a nice man is trying to steal the hype for making a place in history.

However, Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Opposition has stated that Britain should not rush into a new Cold War and confirm Russian culpability in the crime.


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