Slovakia: PM Robert Fico resigns

Slovak PM Robert Fico has tendered his resignation amid growing cries over the murder of a journalist Jan Kuciak in February. President Andrej Kiska has accepted his resignation due to persistent public anger.

Fico announced his resignation at the Presidential palace and stated that Deputy Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini has been asked to take over and form a new government. Fico stated that it is better to form a new government immediately as calling for early Parliamentary elections will not be beneficial for the country at large. He, however, repeated that he will be with the party and will be a member of all political events.

Jan Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kusnirova were found shot in their residence at Bratislava. The murder as described by the police is related to his ongoing investigative work about the link between Italy’s Ndrangheta crime association and some highly placed officials of the Slovak government. The murder had triggered nation-wide protests with people taking to the streets to put an immediate end to corruption. Although police had quizzed many suspects no arrests have been made.

Interior Minister Robert Kalinak had given his resignation to abate the increasing pressure on the government and to prevent it from collapsing. Fico is said to have taken the President’s consent that post his resignation his party should be permitted to select the new leader which is seen as his attempt to preserve the three-party government. The move has thus invited sharp criticism from the opposition as the latter claim that this has endangered the democratic institutions of the country.

The public of Slovakia is asking for a complete overhaul of the political ideologies represented by Robert Fico and not just his resignation. The demands kept by Fico to resign are totally new to modern Slovakia and anti to the spirit of democracy.


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