Czech Rally: Protest against President’s Media attack

Czecks have taken to streets of Prague, in thousands to stand in solidarity with the local media against the denouncing remarks by President Milos Zeman. President had sharply accused the media of favouritism and biases during the elections. Zeman is widely known to have a pro-Russian and an anti-migrant stance. Many members of the opposition left the inauguration ceremony in protest of the remarks.

Presidential remarks have followed only two weeks after the Slovakian investigative reporter Jan Kuciak and his fiancé were shot in their home in Bratislava. The incident was termed as an assassination suspected to be linked to the work of Zeman.

Czechs gathered in Wenceslas Square- the place where huge protests used to take place during the Velvet Revolution. Protestors were shouting slogans and waiving keys both against President Zeman and Prime Minister Andrej Babis. Keys were used as a symbol for unlocking the doors during communism days as the latter was swept from power.

Protestors condemned the Presidential remarks against the media freedom and honoured the slain Slovakian journalist. Many media outlets along with Czech Television also attacked the President as latter offended the reporters by displaying the replica of Kalashnikov with words for journalists. Many members from the opposition were also part of the protest amid rising concerns about the state of free media in the nation as many newspapers are owned by politicians and rich businessmen

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