President Trump visits Mexico Wall in California

President Trump has made his maiden visit to the golden state of California saw the big wall which separates US and Mexico. He was unhappy about the stance of State Democrats who viewed the Wall anti to immigration policies. President also expressed his anger against the Governor Jerry Brown for not being able to run the state well. He insisted that he will challenge the State in court on its immigration sanctuary legislations and will eventually form a more effective and bigger wall.

The trip which has come 14 months down his Presidency is high on symbolism although very short in duration. However, the trip was not able to gather limelight as the abrupt sacking of Rex Tillerson dominated the media rooms. Trump, however, was quite upbeat about the border wall prototypes which he was shown and also spoke about his preference for ‘see-through’ walls and the use of current barriers. Congress has not yet secured the much needed $25 billion which is needed to build the designed Wall. Trump stated, “It will save thousands and thousands of lives, save taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars by reducing crime, drug flow, welfare fraud and burdens on schools and hospitals,” but many studies, researchers and reports have suggested that immigrants effectively add to the benefits of economic growth as they work and pay taxes. Although some illegal immigrants do add some burden on the taxpayers the figure quoted by President Trump is highly divorced from reality.

There were protests seen in many cities by immigrants,  LGBTQ rights activists, labour, deported US military veterans etc. Latter were present on the Mexican side of the border and were demanding a legal status to return to the US.

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