Turkey: Parliament passes disputed voting law

In a highly controversial move, TBMM or the Turkish Parliament has given passage to a legislation revoking electoral regulations and allowing the formation of electoral alliances thus clearing the way for a possible coalition between AK Party of President Tayyip Erdogan and other nationalist allies. This can give way to electoral fraud and thus undermine the 2019 polls. The passing of new legislation led to a great ruckus in the Parliament. The critics of the ruling government have raised alarm over the new law.

The law authorizes the High Electoral Board to merge various electoral districts and also allow movement of ballot boxes to others without a requirement of stamping by local electoral boards. This has finally given a concrete shape to the decision which had been made by a referendum in 2017 and had invited massive criticism and worries from the election monitors.

The new law will also permit entry of security forces into the polling stations when called by a voter. This will mitigate any kind of threats by the outlawed PKK or Kurdistan Workers Party in the southeast Kurdish areas. The Opposition has raised concerns that the presence of security forces can mar the transparency of counting of votes.




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