Rex Tillerson sacked!

In a highly drastic turn of events, President Trump has sacked Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State and has replaced him with CIA director Mike Pompeo. This is seen as the most radical change in the Trump cabinet since he took office. Trump had asked Tillerson to leave his position last week because of which he had to cut short his trip to Africa and rush back to Washington DC.

President Trump stated that a lot had been achieved since last 14 months ever since Tillerson had taken up the post of the top American diplomat. Gina Hapsel the deputy director of CIA will now be the new head of the agency. It is learnt that Tillerson and Trump shared grave differences over a wide range of issues the primary being the Iran deal and the crisis in Gulf.

Tillerson had been critical of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain- the Gulf states who had completely cut off all diplomatic relations with Qatar. He had asked for relaxation of the blockade which was in contradiction to the initial support of the move by President Trump. Tillerson’s stand on Iran nuclear deal had been divorced from Trump who had termed it as the “worst deal ever” while Tillerson was always dismissing the speculations of US might completely terminate the agreement.

There are different reactions from various corners of the world while some terming it as expected Trump behaviour while others stating it as a proof of poor judgment. Pompeo had been a staunch critic of the Iran Nuclear Deal ever since the agreement came into place. Pompeo had even termed the agreement as disastrous. Pompeo had always been mired in controversies ever since he became a member of the Congress in 2010. He was also severely criticised by the Muslims for saying that their silence on the violence by extremists was deafening.



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