Palestinian PM’s envoy attacked in Gaza

A strong explosion has hit the envoy of Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, as it entered Gaza border crossing at Beit Hanoun. PM escaped unharmed while many others are reportedly injured.  Despite the attack, the convoy was able to inaugurate a wastewater treatment facility.

Majed Faraj, the Chief of Palestinian Authority Intelligence was part of the envoy. Palestinian President’s political party Fatah has blamed Hamas for the attack which they termed as a criminal attack.

Gazan Interior Ministry has however stated that all precautions and security measures are taken to welcome all the convoys, especially of a Prime Ministerial cadre. The Gazan police have made a line of arrests based on suspicion.

The attack is a vain attempt to stall the reconciliation efforts and is aimed at spreading disorder. It is an evidence of the failure of Hamas of maintaining peace in Gaza.  Fatah and Hamas had signed a reconciliation treaty in fall of 2017 which had ended a decade of political divide between two governments in Gaza and West Bank. The agreement was signed at Cairo.




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