Eastern Ghouta: US threatens to act if carnage does not end

US Ambassador to UN has categorically stated that US remains committed to take a tough action if UN is unable to enforce a ceasefire in the enclave which has claimed lives of innocents. The US has thus demanded an immediate ceasefire lasting for 30-days as President Assad’s forces supported by Russia and Iran continue to pound the region aiming to flush out the “terrorist” groups. Latter also continue to shell the capital city of Damascus. The brutal campaign has claimed 1160 innocent lives including children. Assad government is seen to ignore the suffering of the innocents completely and is bent on freeing the enclave-the last stronghold of rebels permanently.

The US sternly put that US will resort to act if appropriate and timely measures are not taken stating that “it is not the path we prefer but it is a path we have demonstrated we will take, and we are prepared to take again”, Nikki Haley told the UNSC. UN had shelled a Syrian regime base after a horrific chemical attack by the latter last year. UNSC had passed a 30-day immediate Ceasefire Resolution on February 24 which was completely flouted by Russia and Syria on the pretext that the same does not cover the rebels in Ghouta as they are members of banned terror outfits.

UN expressed concerns as the violence continues unabated in many parts of Syria including Eastern Ghouta, Idlib, Afrin, Damascus etc. Additionally, there has been no apparent relaxation on sieges for the evacuation of critically sick or wounded people. Syrian airstrikes have also occurred on other rebel-held areas in southern areas-a first after the US and Russia brokered de-escalation zone came into place. US State Department has reiterated the significance of the de-escalation zone to be maintained and any violation of the same in the form of recent shelling of southern parts will broaden the conflict. It urged restraint from all parties against actions which can only complicate the situation while pushing it towards ugly uncertainties.


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