China to crop Critical Eastern European Summits

China is considering to crop some critical Eastern European Summits due to its apparent unease in Beijing because of expressed concerns by some nations that China is trying to divide the continent. The decision is also fuelled by recent discussions in EU to take a tough stance against Chinese rivals who have taken over European firms.

The recent years have seen more strained China-EU summits as there was no joint agreement produced due to concerns over South China Sea and trade. There has been a disappointment on both sides because of lack of concrete deals and outcomes. It is reported that China is playing down the summits as they are coming in way of its larger ambitions in Europe by tarnishing its image.

Other countries which are part of the 16+1 summit are Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Slovakia which are EU members and Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia are non-EU members. Most of these nation hold very high hopes on the summit as they are able to attract Chinese investments on various infrastructure sectors like roads, railways, power stations in addition to the plans which fall under China’s  “Belt and Road” initiative which will boost road transport and trade in more than 60 nations.


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