Britain gives Russia ultimatum till midnight to explain nerve agent attack

Prime Minister May has taken a tough stance against Russia and has served an ultimatum to President Putin to explain the use of nerve agent used to strike a former Russian double agent. The nerve agent comes from a highly-lethal Novichok group of agents which were developed exclusively by the Soviet Union during the 1970s and 1980s.

Prime Minister May stated that the attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter outside a shopping centre in Salisbury is either a direct act of Russian state against Britain or in an odd possibility of Russian administration losing control over the devastating nerve agent that it passed into rogue hands.

Russian Presidential election is slated on March 18 and has refuted all allegations. PM May has summoned Russian ambassador Alexander Yakovenko and served an ultimatum till midnight to explain the series of events else Russia will face more extensive measures. Britain Foreign Secretary has stated that the British response will be commensurate and robust. Britain has also denied access to the nerve agent to Russia after latter requested for it.

Britain has many options on its cards as it may ask the allies for a joint Western response like freezing of assets of Russians, expel its diplomats, cyber attacks and also withhold its participation in World Cup Soccer. France, EU and US have both shown solidarity with the UK.





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