UN condemns anti-Muslim violence in Sri Lanka

UN has strongly condemned the anti-Muslim violence in Sri Lanka which has claimed 2 lives and left many injured. The communal clashes have also led to burning of mosques and businesses of Muslims. UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman expressed solidarity with the Muslim leaders of the area and has committed full support in implementing the government’s resolve to punish those who are responsible for the horrific attacks.

Feltman has urged that Sri Lankan leadership take suitable steps and precautions for preventing any repeat of the incidences and also implement a fair rule of law without any biases. Sri Lankan government has declared an emergency in response to widening clashes. The violence is said to be started by the killing of a Buddhist man by Muslim men over a traffic conflict. The incident blew out of proportions as it took an ugly turn when dozens of homes, mosques and businesses of Muslims were torched and destroyed.

The violence has led to fear-mongering of looming instability in the country amid rising religious intolerance. Sri Lankan is still en-route to completely recover from a prolonged civil war which lasted three decades.

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