Russian Super-tease: Tests the invincible hypersonic missile

Russia has confirmed the test of an advanced hypersonic missile which is capable of delivering a warhead at hypersonic speed thus tearing any defences. Russian Defence Ministry confirmed that Russia Aerospace Forces conducted a successful training launch of Kinzhal high-precision air missile system. The test has confirmed the operational performance and timing of the data of the missile system.  A video of the launch has been officially launched which shows the missile being carried by the army airplane.

The missile design enables it to destroy both land and sea targets. The Russian forces are well-trained to carry out strikes both during day and night irrespective of the weather conditions. Russian Defence Ministry reiterated the fact that highly-manoeuvrable precision technology along with advanced flight characteristics of the MiG-31 makes Kinzhal an unparalleled system in the world. The claim has been refuted by the US.

President Putin had earlier stated that Russia had developed the greatest nuclear might in the world with a novel nuclear-capable missile of an unlimited range which can escape any air defence system of the world. US Defence Secretary James Mattis has expressed that such technology is quite futuristic still and the US sees no urgent need of redesigning their deterrent posture vis-a-vis Russia. Russian Ministry of Defence has also opened a new web page which has sought public help to name the new nuclear arsenal.

US State Department has stated that Russian presentation of weapons during Putin’s address which showed a nuclear strike against US does not depict it as a responsible international player.


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