North Korea: Apparently cautious about US Summit

North Korea is maintaining a deliberate silence over its upcoming and the historic summit with President Trump in May. The media in North mentioned the delegation visit from South Korea but has preferably remained silent on any invitation being sent to the US for the summit. It is reportedly seen the North is organizing its stance on the summit before going vocal about the same.

South Korean officials who took Kim Jong Un’s invitation to the US are now on their official visit to China and Japan to officially brief them about the developments in the Korean peninsula.

China has maintained that all sides should exercise restraint, be alert and also exhibit political wisdom of responsible international players. China stated that there is a huge opportunity lying in the talks and prospects are bright for denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and thereby normalization of ties.

President Trump will meet Kim Jong Un in May although the venue for the same has not been decided so far. Tensions scaled down during the Winter Olympics when a high-profile delegation from North Korea visited the same. Japan has exercised caution and stated that talks should materialise and should not happen just for the sake of talks. Both Japan and South Korea have maintained the stance that tough sanctions should continue to remain in effect unless sound outcomes are not achieved especially about Kim’s nuclear weapon and missile programs.

UN North Korean investigator has added that any talks on denuclearisation should be followed by human rights abuses and violations by the regime which also include political prison camps.

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