Xi as President for life: China scraps limits on Presidential term

In a historic move, Chinese legislature has scrapped limits on Presidential term thus clearing the path of Xi Jinping to rule indefinitely and formally making him the President for Life. 2958 delegates in a house of 2964 delegates voted in favour to revoke a 10-year limit on presidential tenures. There are only two dissents, three absent and one vote counted as invalid. The movement thus reversed the institutional check which was put in place since 1976 after the death of autocratic ruler Mao Zedong. Mao’s tenure was marked by grave policy disasters and unruly struggles for power. Any Constitutional amendment requires ratification of two-thirds of delegates of the Congress.

It is officially quoted that the measure will foster constitutional safeguards for the authority of the party and further streamlined the leadership.

The legislature also passed other critical amendments which confirmed the principal part of Communist Party of China in the governance of the nation. Provisions for a novel anti-corruption agency which will enhance the supervision of the party overall public officials were also passed.

The rise of Xi Jinping could not be ignored as the President made himself highly visible on international stage due to his strong leadership policies and outlook. Domestically also he managed to have attained the title of the most powerful leader in decades after Mao Zedong. This is said to be a well-crafted strategy as since Xi took office in 2012 he went to adorn increasing titles viz. the President of the People’s Republic of China, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and Commander-in-Chief of the military of China. He also now has bagged a title of the “Core of the Party’s leadership and a line of other areas where he is the chairman of the national economy to national security. In addition, Xi has managed to reach his people in a way no other leader had done catering to the needs of the changing times and preferences of the Chinese population. He has maintained a huge media presence ever since.


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