Eastern Ghouta: Syrian Army advances further

Syrian Army has further augmented its offensive on the besieged enclave of Eastern Ghouta which as per official government claims have completely fragmented the area. Army has captured Mesraba which connects the north and south regions of the region from which the rebels operate. Mesraba has a huge strategic significance in the situation as its capture has thus completely broken all links between Harasta and Douma and the whole enclave. Latter reports have been refuted by the rebels.

Syrian Army claims that the bloody assault has finally resulted in huge gains for the army as half the area is now under government control although 976 people lost their lives. Covering the loss of lives of innocents Syrian Regime and its main ally Russia have constantly maintained that the assault and the way it was carried out was direly needed to put an end to the shelling of Damascus and thus bring an end to the rule of Islamic terrorists on civilian areas. The whole offensive has kept the pattern of the assaults before beginning with airstrikes and followed by stringent siege to bring the insurgents to knees and submit to evacuation deals. Thus, rebels have to surrender the areas under their control in return for safe passage to areas of northwest Syria. The main rebel groups present in Eastern Ghouta are Jaish al-Islam and Failaq al-Rahman have clarified that they will not strike an agreement with the regime and seek a safe passage. Fall of Eastern Ghouta to the rebels will present a major loss to the rebels after the loss of Aleppo in 2016 and also mark a line of victories for the regime since the Russian entry into the arena.




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