Chile: New Law to protect its waters

Chile has passed a new law to protect its ocean waters along its 6,400 km coastline. President Michele Bachelet which has led to the creation of nine marine reserves. Chile has also made laws for its huge network of nature parks. The new law will add more sea to the tune of 42.4% under the state protection of Chile from a dismal figure of 4.3%. This will lend protection to its marine life in 1.4 million square kilometres of sea.

The new reserves span the area around Diego Ramirez Islands, Juan Fernandez Islands etc. Former is home to sea lions, kelp forests, whales etc. Chile had also opened a marine park surrounding Easter Island which is the natural home to species present there only. This is a huge reserve nearly the size of Chile itself and will be managed by the indigenous Rapa Nui population.

President Bachelet had also struck a deal for the creation of the largest network of natural parks in Patagonia.



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