UN: President Duterte needs psychiatric check

UN Human Rights Chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein has suggested that the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte needs to undergo a psychiatric evaluation due to his unacceptable and derogatory remarks about some human rights activists. The Philippines which is one of the 47 members of Human Rights Council had filed a petition in Manila Court accusing UN Special rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous peoples,  Victoria Tauli-Corpuz as part of a rebel group affiliated to communists. The baseless allegations as stated by Human Rights Watch have put her life in danger along with 600 other people which have been declared to be communist terrorists.  Victoria has been accused as a senior member of the rebel outfit. The petition will allow the Philippine government to keep a close watch on the movements of people on the list and also put a bar on the resources available to them.

UN has come to defend Victoria and stated that the allegations have come as a defensive move after Corpuz’s denouncing of the attacks and killings of the Lumad people in the country which violated the UN Convention on Human Rights. UN Human Rights Council is asked to take a tough stance by the Chief Al Hussein who has stated that it must not be met by a mute response. Other members of UN have raised concerns that the special rapporteur is being blamed primarily due to rampant extrajudicial killings and rising number of attacks on people who raise a voice against the ruling government.

UN has always been critical of President Duterte’s ruthless war on drugs due to which Duterte had termed the organisation as stupid and said will leave the same due to its public condemnation of the President’s policies.




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