President Trump accepts invitation to meet Kim Jong Un

The White House has accepted the invitation of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to meet within and negotiate permanent denuclearization. The historic meeting between two completely different personas is seen by the observers as a bold diplomatic prelude to peace on the Korean peninsula.

President Trump taking on Twitter expressed hope about the meeting and firmly stated that there should be no missile testing in the meanwhile. He further added that the sanctions will remain in effect till any permanent agreement is reached. Mr Chung Eui-Yong, the South Korean official whose meeting with Pyongyang last week has resulted in the latest diplomatic developments said that Kim Jong Un also expressed his affirmation to the fact that he understands that the joint military exercises between the US and South Korea will continue to take place after the end of Paralympic Games.

The meeting is seen from all angles as this is the first meet between President of United States and any North Korean leader till date. It is a huge gamble especially after the exchange of fury from both the sides and the escalation of the nuclear program by the North Korean regime. It will be a great event as President Trump has vowed time and again to not to be drawn into any interminable negotiation with Kim which has always resulted in the latter sticking to the vital parts of his nuclear program and yet extracting concessions from the US. Both the leaders are known for audacity and thrill, so the meeting can have far-reaching consequences and directions as both will be personally present.

The announcement has brought positive reactions from China, South Korea and Russia- all three who played a vital role in resolving the growing dispute sparked by outrageous nuclear overtures of the North Korean regime.

Observers are also spelling caution over the fate of the epic yet extraordinary summit primarily because of the fact that the Hermit regime has already achieved its purpose of being projected equally to the US which is a victory in itself. President Trump will try to project himself as the game-changer as he is already upbeat about the developments. However, it should not be forgotten that the North-Korean deal with Clinton to stop nuclearization had resulted in unearthing of a covert nuclear program of North Korea. Likewise, the deal with Bush administration was received as a watershed event but it could not survive the “trust and verify” rule of the inspections in 2009.

The outcome completely unpredictable yet the meeting will be a great feat of karma.




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