Land Day: Gazans to start 46-day protest

Palestinians residing in Gaza will hold a 46-day protest near the border of Israel to push their demand for allowing Palestinian refugees to return home to Israel. The protest if materialises will present a challenging situation for the Israel army which has labelled the land near the frontier fence as a no-go zone. Any Palestinian protest along the border is usually met with tear gas, rubber bullets and even live shots.

The Coordination Committee for the rally has stated that the there are plans for making tents for hundreds of thousands of people with their families along the border and that United Nations will be notified of the same. The Committee has asked the Palestinians to join the protest which symbolises peaceful resistance to win our rights and thus ensure the return of refugees to Israel.

The protest as planned will commence on the Land Day i.e. March 30 which stands for the honour of 6 Arab citizens of Israel who were shot by Israel forces while they were protesting land confiscations in 1976. The protest will thus end after 46-days on Nakba i.e. May 15, when Palestinians mark a catastrophe as it was on this day in 1948 hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were displaced due to the creation of Israel. Many political parties have come forward for the support of the protest. The venue of the protest will have public toilets and food.

The Right of Return of Palestinians has been the primary demand in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Palestine demands that about five million of their fellow citizens be allowed to return to their homes in Israel which they had lost. Israel has completely dismissed any possibility of the return of Palestinians as it will banish Jewish majority. Israel has instead contested that the refugees must settle in the future Palestinian state in the West Bank or Gaza.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) however spells the right to return under Article 13(b).


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