Saudi Crown Prince in UK: Welcome and Rage

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman will begin his UK trip amid welcome from the Royal family and opposition parties and the rights groups appealing to Prime Minister May to challenge the same due to Saudi Arabia’s record of human rights. Protestors will gather in Downing Street London to challenge the trip.

The trip involves a lunch with the queen, dinner with Prince Charles and Prince William and a meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May. The Foreign Secretary of Britain Boris Johnson has acclaimed the Vision 2030 national programme of the young Prince and a whole set of reforms for bringing about modernisation to the Gulf State. MBS has brought about noted social reforms in the country by allowing women to drive and also pulling-off a ban on cinemas.

On the other hand, opposition along with many activists have strongly come in front to oppose the visit due to widespread human and civil rights abuses in Saudi Arabia. The protestors demand Britain should completely stop supplying weapons to Riyadh as it leading a horrific death bombing in Yemen. The Saudi-led military involvement in Yemen has given rise to a deadly humanitarian crisis and left at least 10,000 dead. The British weapons companies comprise the largest suppliers of arms to Saudi Arabia as the government in Britain has given nod to billions of pounds in export licences in the last 3 years. The Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) has stated that Britain arms worth $6.4 bn have been exported to Saudi Arabia in last 3 years. The activists blame that MBS has overseen brutal atrocities and abuse of Saudi people and similar treatment has been given to people of Yemen.



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