North Korea used Agent VX to assassinate Kim Jong-nam: US

North Korea assassinated the half-brother of the leader Kim Jong-Un using a highly lethal nerve agent VX as per the US State Department. The death of Kim Jong-Nam in Malaysia had invited an investigation by the US under the Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act of 1991 (CBW).

Washington has strongly condemned the use of the chemical agent for an assassination and stated that the public use of chemical weapons and the contempt of universal norms portrays the irresponsible nature of the rogue regime. The US State Department thus reiterated the urgency of not tolerating the WMD program of North Korea. Washington has imposed further sanctions on the regime as a response to the conclusion of the probe.

Kim Jong-Nam had fallen ill at the Malaysian airport at Kuala Lumpur in February 2017 when a substance was smeared on his face by two women. He had been highly critical of the North Korean regime and was living in exile under Beijing’s protection.

Nerve Agent VX is said to be the deadliest agent ever created and even 1 drop of it when absorbed through the skin can lead to fatal disruption of the nervous system. Its chemical name is O-ethyl S-diisopropyl aminomethyl methylphosphonothiolate. It is very hard to detect as it colourless, odourless and a liquid like an engine oil consistency. It is classified by UN as a weapon of mass destruction. On penetration, it disrupts the nerve impulse conduction resulting in convulsions, loss of consciousness, paralysis and a fatal respiratory failure.

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