Eastern Ghouta: Syrian Army intensifies fight

Syrian regime forces have further stepped on their offensive against the rebel-held enclave Eastern Ghouta. Fighting and shelling have continued along the front lines while the residents move towards the centre of the besieged area.

Rebels have refused to leave the area stating they will defend the same and rejected the offer of safe passage for them and their families by Russia. It has been reported that Russia is insisting for a military escalation to bring about mass displacement. Government is planning to send further strengthening the offensive by sending about 700 fighters. The area has been under the control of rebels since 2013 and President Assad has recently launched a siege on the area which is home to about 400,000 people.  The regime has unleashed many bombardment campaigns to free the area from armed groups which have led to a deepening humanitarian crisis for the residents.

War monitors have termed it the bloodiest campaign in last 6 years of Syrian unrest while the health officials have accused the regime of using Chlorine gas during the bombardment. Syrian troops are fighting the rebels on many fronts as the direct ground assault has not been successful. The campaign has pushed people to move to the central part of the area Douma from the outskirts. The smaller groups which have borne the maximum brunt of the assault are the Misraba and Al-Shifoniyah due to their closeness to the frontlines.

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