Rouhani: West will regret the sabotaging 2015 Nuclear Pact

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has taken a tough stance and said that West will regret the collapse of 2015 Nuclear Pact, accusing the United States of trying to sabotage the pact. Rouhani reiterated the fact that the country is fully ready for any unfavourable circumstances although diplomacy and negotiations present the best option. He firmly stated that all the members of the deal must remain committed to it in letter and spirit.

As per the Nuclear Pact which was signed between Iran and six nations- the US, Russia, Britain, China and Germany along with European Union, Iran had scaled down its nuclear enrichment program in return of lifting of crippling economic sanctions imposed by UN. The deal allowed Iran to resume its trade in oil and gas.

However, the US sanctions on Iran are still present which prevent any foreign company to enter into any business with Iran. President Trump has ordered changes including the opening of Iranian military bases to inspectors and considerably containing the nuclear program. Both the demands are intensively opposed by Iran. Trump has stated that US will stop giving any waivers on US sanctions and also threatened to completely end the deal. Iran has refused to budge by American bullying and its effort to twist the deal.

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