Eastern Ghouta: Deadliest day

Syrian regime forces continued to bomb the besieged suburb for the 16th consecutive day thus miserably failing UN Ceasefire Resolution and Russian sponsored truce. The first humanitarian aid convoy which was allowed passage yesterday had failed to give the supplies to the trapped residents as the government airstrikes continued to bomb the enclave.

The bombardment which was seen as the heaviest killed nearly 70 people as per Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). The Russian proposal of a daily 5-hour humanitarian pause for allowing passage of critically wounded and also the entry of aid has been blown to pieces by the heavy bombardment.

The convoy of 46 trucks sent by International Committee for the Red Cross, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and also UN had the first time went past the governmental post to enter the suburb although many of the supplies by confiscated by the Army and other pro-government workers. The convoy which was carrying critical supplies was soon forced out of the area as the government forces continued to shell the area. Nine trucks were not able to unload their contents. The contents were primarily surgical supplies, food and flour to meet the needs of about 27,500 people.


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