AIPAC: UAE praised, Netanyahu welcomed, Iran-a common enemy

AIPAC or American Israel Public Affairs Committee 2018 has come up with the resounding affirmation of Iran being the common enemy of Israel and Arab states in Gulf. Stephen Greenberg, the chairman of Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, US has come with open praise for UAE for its fight against terrorism and it’s tolerant, the pluralistic society which promotes women welfare.

There were unanimous voices being heard against Iran which was regarded as the major threat and needs to be stopped. Israel’s minister for education and diaspora affairs, Naftali Bennett, stated that Saudi Arabia should be prevented from developing nuclear power.

Avi Gabbay, the leader of Labour Party in Israel declared the proposal to establish a demilitarised Palestinian state in West Bank and Gaza on occupied Palestinian territories. He also stated that Israel will consider the demand of an independent state after the Palestinian National Authority puts an end to its economic support to the families of the imprisoned and detained Palestinians in Israel. They have been under arrest for their activism against Israel and its occupation. There are nearly 6000 prisoners in Israeli jails. Gabbay however, completely avoided the mention of the Israeli occupation of the territory of Palestine where Palestinians want to form an independent state.

The former deputy prime minister Ayalon, said that Israel will be willing to enter into negotiations with Palestine only if latter recognises Israel to be a Jewish state and puts an end to all claims inside Israel. The PLO or Palestine Liberation Organization in the Oslo peace agreement had recognised the existence of Israel as pre-1967 war.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received a hero’s welcome at AIPAC, Washington where he addressed the delegates in a 30-minute speech on the good, bad and beautiful in Israel. Netanyahu had no signs of the impact of the brewing domestic situation which is antagonistic to him.



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