Trump upbeat about Xi as China’s President for Life

President Trump is said to be all positive about the new President for Life- the new constitutional amendment underway in China which will make President Xi Jinping rule indefinitely. he stated that the US might give it a shot someday. The constitutional amendment will completely erase the limits of the Presidential term.

The delegates who are meeting today in a two-week long China’s National People’s Congress in Beijing which are seen as a significant show of unity and enthusiasm is likely to witness many important personal and legislative measures to be passed. It is expected that the legislators will ratify changes to the Constitution of China will hand unlimited powers to President Xi ever since Mao Zedong who is the founding father of Communist China.

President Xi is already the most powerful leader in Chinese politics in decades and he heads the both, the government and the military. The primary reason stated is to realign the three positions and make the leadership more powerful and centralised. It will have a great impact on fostering the leadership system of China.

On the contrary, the legislation will undo the decades’ long struggle of preventing the return of dictatorship. The current system of a 10-year two terms was introduced in 1982 by Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping to put an end to the lifelong dictatorship policy as typified by Mao Zedong via his messy Cultural Revolution in 1966-1976. Many prominent figures protested the move publically.


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