Syria: Eastern Ghouta will be bombed says Assad

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has declared that the rebel-held enclave of Eastern Ghouta will continue to be bombed in open defiance of international community and UN. The governmental forces will continue to bomb the suburb in continuation of combating terrorism in different places. President stated that the Syrian Arab Army has taken control of many villages in Eastern Ghouta.

The villages which were once under the control of Al-Nusra front an affiliate of Al-Qaeda have been taken over by the regime forces. The rebels had fired 300 mortar shells in Damascus which has also claimed lives of civilians and wounded many others. As the passage is opened for safe movement of civilians the President announced that the operations will continue.

Last few days have seen a catastrophic situation in the area and has led to the displacement of over 30,000 people from the areas of Beit Sawa, Otaya and the Douma villages. An aid envoy of 45 trucks with supplies for about 90,000 has been put on standby. UN Coordinator of Syria has expressed hope that the convoy will be able to deliver the supplies as planned to all the required places in time.

The White House has condemned the continued violence in the area and has held Russia and Syria responsible for the brutal campaign of death unleashed on the innocent civilians including children. In an official White House statement it said, “this is the same combination of lies and indiscriminate force that Russia and the Syrian regime used to isolate and destroy Aleppo in 2016, where thousands of civilians were killed”. The White House also accused Russian government of completely ignoring international terms and killing civilians under the aegis of counterterrorism operations.

The Humanitarian pause announced by Russia last week along with the UN’s Ceasefire Resolution had miserably failed to bring any respite for the civilians as the ground situation did not change. There has been continued fighting, bombing, more deaths and spreading hunger. This has turned into a collective punishment for the civilians of the area. More than 770 people have lost their lives and over 4000 have been wounded.

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