South Korean envoy meets Kim Jong Un

A high-level seven-member delegation from South Korea has finally met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at Pyongyang to foster inter-Korean relations and also facilitate the possibility of a dialogue between Pyongyang and Washington to defuse the tension in the Korean peninsula.

The envoy was led by President Moon Jae-in’s National Security advisor Chung Eui-Yong and Suh Hoon the Director of National Intelligence Service. It is hoped that the North Korean nuclear agenda will become more clear which is essential for starting a dialogue with the US. The envoy carried a letter from President Moon to Kim. Both sides hoped to bank on a new beginning in inter Korean ties which began during the Winter Olympics 2018. The United States, however, remains deeply divided over the progress made by the envoy during the trip. The envoy will visit the US before returning to South Korea. The US has bluntly stated that it will not enter negotiations unless North Korea is ready to discuss denuclearization.  Also, US will not turn down the ‘maximum pressure’ campaign until North Korea actually dismantles its nukes program. North Korea on its part has outrightly rejected any preconditions for talks and expects to be treated as equal.

Kim Jong Un has stepped up the North Korea’s nuclear missile program since the death of his father Kim Jong-il and claims to have a nuclear button on his desk which can fire missiles which have range till US mainland. Kim is one of the youngest and most tough rulers in the world.

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