Security Threat: US shuts embassy in Turkey

United States has closed its embassy in Ankara due to a security threat and also issued an advisory to US citizens to avoid crowded areas and tourist places. Only emergency services will continue to take place. The embassy was attacked in 2013 by a suicide bomber. The responsibility was claimed by a far-left group. Routine services like interviews for visas etc. have been cancelled for Monday. An intelligence input has suggested that there could be an attack on the embassy or other places where Americans are staying.

Turkey and US relations have dipped in the recent past primarily due to US arming of Kurdish YPG along the Syrian border with it. Turkey had launched a massive operation in Afrin to wipe out YPG from the area which it considers to be a terrorist outfit and an offshoot of the banned Kurdish Workers’ Party PKK. Latter has said to have waged a long war on Turkish state and killed many people.

Turkey has repeatedly called on the US to break ties with YPG and US on its end has urged restraint from Ankara in the wake of its Operation Olive Branch against the YPG.

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