Russia will not extradite any citizen accused by US: Putin

President Vladimir Putin has stated that Russia will not extradite any of the 13 accused Russians for election-meddling by the United States of America. The comments by the President have enumerated the tough road for US to be ever able to question the Russian operatives involved in a huge, secret troll on social media to meddle with 2016 US Presidential elections.

The two nations do not have an extradition treaty and thus Russia is not obligated to hand over its citizens to the US. In addition, as per a constitutional provision in Russia, it is prohibited to extradite its citizens to foreign countries. US Justice Department has been in support of indicting foreign nationals in absentia and further making it difficult for them to travel abroad. Last month, a 37-page indictment by Robert Mueller had accused Russian operatives using fake social media accounts and tried to exacerbate critical political matters in the US by pretending as US nationals. They purchased space on computer servers in the US and also used US email providers to conceal their origin.

Russia is not obliged to give any explanation or answer until some critical material, specifics and data is furnished. Putin reiterated the fact that his government had no part in giving any directions to individuals to act against the interests of US.

Mueller’s indictments uncover a massive organized effort which had the financial support of tens of millions of dollars to plant discord about the Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and thus facilitate the election victory of Donald Trump. Although, it is just a charge it is backed by rock-solid evidence of a deep Russian involvement which could only be possible with the involvement of Kremlin. The National Security Advisor of President Trump, Lt. Gen. McMaster had termed the indictment as incontrovertible. It has been reported that nearly 1000 Russians were part of the conspiracy which had been in the making since last 3 years. The whole project was run by an office space in St. Petersburg which also has Kremlin’s favourable caterer. The primary techniques used were false and fictitious names, bank accounts, social media accounts, websites, holding of marches etc, in the US.

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