Eastern Ghouta: First Aid convoy enters

A 45-truck convoy has finally reached the besieged suburb thus bringing the first sight of relief since the deadly assault began on the rebel-held area. The governmental blockade had stripped the area of vital medical supplies.

The convoy carries much needed surgical supplies in addition to 5500 food and flour bags which are sufficient for 27,500 people. The Syrian government had ordered the removal of 70 percent of medical supplies like trauma kits, insulin, surgical kits from reaching the suburb. The International Committee of the Red Cross confirmed that the blockade of some vital medical equipment.

The enclave houses about 400,000 people who are falling short of food, water and medical supplies due to governmental blockade and intense bombardment. The airstrikes have majorly targeted the front lines. The military has made significant strides in the territory and has wrestled control of al-Mohammaddiyeh village situated along the southeastern corner of the area. Civilians from the frontlines have fled the area. President Assad has ordered the continuance of the shelling and the military push into the area. Assad’s governmental forces regard the rebels as terrorists. Assad stated that the UNSC Ceasefire resolution is not applicable to Eastern Ghouta and the rebels. Russia had ordered a 4-hour daily pause in fighting last week.

The siege of Eastern Ghouta thus is similar to the siege of other areas by the regime forces. The fall of Eastern Ghouta to the governmental forces will be a major defeat of the rebels after the capture of Aleppo. The offensive has claimed 740 lives in two weeks of highly intensive firing.

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