Salih Muslim: Czech court release, Turkey lashes back

The Czech Republic has released Salih Muslim who is a former Kurdish Syrian leader ignoring the extradition request by Turkey. Muslim was arrested in Prague, on Turkish request as he is listed as a “most wanted terrorist”. Salih Muslim is a former leader of, PYD-Kurdish Democratic Union Party which is considered as a terrorist outfit in Turkey. PYD along with YPG are seen as armed wings of PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party). Latter is a banned party and has waged a long fight against Turkey which led to the killing of thousands of people.

Turkish foreign ministry has stated that the denial of Czech court of provisional arrest request of Turkey does not fall in line with its obligations of international law and efforts to tackle terrorism.

Turkish foreign ministry has stated that the denial of Czech court of the provisional arrest of Salih Muslim has shown its indifference towards the killing of scores of civilians and insincere disclosure on counterterrorism in Europe. Turkey had asked the Prague authorities to extradite Muslim, with a file presenting arguments for doing so. The arguments include damage to national unity and integrity, murder, damage to public property and transfer of dangerous materials. There is a case of a deadly attack in Ankara in 2016 in a busy shopping area which had killed 37 people and injured many others.


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