Russia: Vetoes UN Resolution against Iran

Russia has exercised its Veto to halt a United Nations Security Council Resolution drafted by the UK and supported by the United States and France, which condemned Iran for violation of arms embargo by sending weapons to Houthi rebels in Yemen.

The Resolution had 11 votes in its favour before the Russian veto following which other members abstained from voting. The US had insisted for imposing of the renewed embargo on Iran as it was sending missiles to Houthis in Yemen. The missiles as per the claims were employed for launching attacks on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which was leading the Arab coalition against the Houthis in Yemen and trying to restore the rule of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. The Resolution had a special mention of the Houthi missile strike targeted towards Riyadh in 2017. Thus, the Resolution mentioned the non-compliance of the Iranian regime with a 2015 UN arms embargo on Yemen by not restrain direct and indirect passage of missiles to the Houthis.

The members of UNSC however, passed another resolution amid an exchange of criticism, drafted by Russia which had no mention of Russia. Russia restrained itself from the adoption of the UK-backed Resolution as it might have led to drastic ramifications for the entire region.


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