PLO : Dispatch 3000 policemen to take control of Gaza

Palestine Liberation Organization PLO has asked for dispatching 3000 policemen from West Bank to Gaza with an aim to take control over the Hamas-run police stations in the area. Fatah in West Bank and Hamas in Gaza had both ratified a prominent reconciliation deal in Cairo to put an end to the decade of the bad political division. The dispatch of 3000 policemen from Ramallah situated Palestine government to Gaza were a part of the confidence-building measures of the deal.

A Special Panel was formed by the PLO Executive Committee (led by Palestine President and Fatah Chairman Mahmood Abbas), to restart the halted reconciliation process. The recommendations made by the Panel will be presented before the Executive Committee meeting next week.

The Cairo Agreement

It was initiated and organized under international pressure comprising Egypt, Qatar and UAE. As per the agreement, Fatah was given full civilian control of the Gaza Strip in return for easing in the economic blockade of Gaza. Other measures which were agreed include slashing the salaries of employees of Palestinian National Authority who live in Gaza, decreasing the electricity supply to Gaza strip, placing of 3000 policemen of Palestinian Authority in the Hamas-controlled police stations in the enclave and finally the Rafah border should be operated by the Presidential guards of President Mahmood Abbas.



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