Eastern Ghouta: UN Ceasefire Resolution passed

UN passes a 30-day ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta after a horrendous bombardment in the war. The resolution has come after the deadly killing of 500 people including 120 children. Airstrikes, artillery shells, TNT filled barrels were dropped on heavily populated areas of the suburb and left people with no way to escape. The resolution which finally went through also aims at getting humanitarian aid to Eastern Ghouta and other areas nearby which are under siege. Rescuers are trying to pull out people from the rubble.

The UNSC Resolutions calls on all parties to stop all hostilities throughout Syria for safe passage of humanitarian aid and making possible evacuations of the sick and critically wounded. The resolution was sponsored by Kuwait and Sweden had asked all parties to lift sieges of populated areas with immediate effect. However, it does not apply to areas which are under the control of ISIS, Al-Qaida and other terrorist groups. US Ambassador to UN has criticised Russian efforts to delay the resolution as it had cost lives of innocents.

UN vote to bring about an immediate ceasefire in the civilian enclave of Eastern Ghouta has been delayed as Russia blocked its passage. World powers have unanimously called for an immediate ceasefire. France and Germany heads had written to Russian President to allow for an immediate passage of the UN Resolution.

The war monitors suggest that more than 500 people have been killed and over 2000 injured since the escalation of bombardment by Syrian governmental forces. Many people have also been killed in Damascus due to shelling by rebels. The regime forces were using the shelling by rebels as a pretext for heavy bombing but the international community slammed the indiscriminate targeting of hospitals, ambulances, blocking of badly needed medicines in the area.

UN Secretary-General has stated that approximately 400,000 people living in Eastern Ghouta are living “in hell on earth”. France and Germany have also stated that any kinds of attacks on civilians and the Russian embassy in Damascus do not justify the attacks and ignore the obligation to protect civilians in Eastern Ghouta.

Russia has always vetoed UN resolutions which are critical of Assad regime. Russians stated that they can support the ceasefire resolution only if it guarantees the stoppage of firing to Damascus.


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