China to US: Latest Sanctions on North Korea will undermine mutual cooperation

China has asked the United States to reverse its latest string of sanctions on North Korea stating that the unilateral actions could severely threaten the cooperation between Beijing and Washington. China has expressed strict representations over the measures imposed by the US which will prevent US citizens to hold any kind of trade dealing with 50 vessels and companies located in North Korea, China, Taiwan and China.

Chinese foreign ministry has expressed displeasure and has strongly opposed the unilateral UN sanctions and long-arm jurisdictions on various Chinese individuals as per the domestic laws. The Chinese government stated that it has comprehensively and sternly implemented all the UNSC resolutions on DPRK and has always abided by its international obligations. President Trump had announced heaviest sanctions on North Korea which severely hit its shipping companies and vessels and will inhibit North Korea from developing its nuclear program any further. Thus, the sanctions have targeted almost the entire shipping by North Korea. In addition, Trump also warned of Phase 2 if the sanctions do not bring about the expected outcomes.

The new sanctions have come within 2 months of the hardest ever sanctions imposed by UN which restricted exports of 90 percent of refined petroleum to North Korea and had directed all North Koreans working abroad to return to their country within 24 months. North Korea is a defiant regime and has violated many international agreements by conducting many missile tests last year.


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