US Embassy in Montenegro attacked with grenade

The US Embassy in Podgorica, the Balkan state of Montenegro was attacked with a hand grenade by an individual who later blew himself with another explosive device. The area has been sealed by police and Americans in the area have been warned to avoid the area due to an active security situation. No other threats or deaths have been reported.

US had developed diplomatic relations with Montenegro in 2006 after it had split from Serbia. It has its embassy in the capital city of Podgorica. US is carrying out many assistance programs to improve the economic situation of the country. The primary programs include the steps to promote and prepare the nation for access to WTO. Montenegro became a part of NATO in 2017. US has an active military policy for Montenegro, again with the motive to bring the Montengrin standards at par with NATO. US Navy has also kept its regular presence on the coast of Montenegro since 2003. It has also sent destroyers to the Bar port for naval training exercises.

Montenegro lies in southeastern Europe bordering the Adriatic Sea. It shares borders with Croatia on the west, Bosnia and Herzegovina in northwest, Serbia to northeast, Kosovo to it east and Albania to the southeast.

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