Qatar and Chad restore ties

Qatar and Chad have finally restored their diplomatic relations by signing a Memorandum of Understanding. The relations between twp had suffered due to a Saudi-led blockade on the nation in August 2017. The agreement was signed between the foreign ministers of the two nations in Doha.

Both nations discussed the development and further boosting of their ties. Chad had shut down Qatar’s embassy in N’Djamena due to allegations that Qatar is trying to destabilise the country via Libya. In a sharp reaction to the accusation, Qatar ordered the closure of its embassy and further accused Chad of becoming a party to political blackmail against Qatar.

Both US and EU have pressed both the nations to start a dialogue and resolve the crisis. In a response.  13-point demands were stated to lift the blockade which included the shutdown of media network Al Jazeera, limiting relations with Iran and finally to oust the stationed Turkish troops from Qatar. All the demands were rejected by Qatar as they were an apparent attempt to transgress its sovereignty.



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