North Korea cancelled meeting with Mike Pence

North Korea has cancelled its meeting with US Vice President Mike Pence who was supposed to hold a meeting with North Korean officials during Winter Olympics in South Korea. However, North Korean officials pulled out of the meeting just 2 hours before the scheduled time primarily due to Pence’s announcement of “toughest and most aggressive sanctions” against it and also the apparent strengthening of relations between US and Japan.

South Korean efforts to bring the US and North Korea to a common table for dialogue stands in contrast with the actions and rhetoric let out by US Vice-President Mike Pence. The Office of the Vice President had stated that the trip will be to combat North Korea’s plan to use the Winter Olympics as a propaganda purpose. The US administration had clarified that they will not let North Korean interest to come clean in the world by brushing aside the brutal treatment of human rights in their country by a wonderful show at the Olympics.

Thus, the Vice President was able to make a point and give a clear message by portraying himself as the warrior against North Korean propaganda. Although his gestures and demeanour clearly snubbed North Korea and also dominated the South Korean news, he was admired for his communications director.



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